How To Sell My House AS IS for Cash (Without a Realtor!)

Are you looking to sell your house quickly and sell it for cash? If so, then this is the article for you.

We are real estate investors looking to buy real estate for a fast closing. We can close within 7 days of acceptance of the offer and will pay all closing costs including title insurance. This allows you to sell your house as-is without having any out-of-pocket expenses! You don’t even need to make any repairs before the sale.

You might be asking yourself why should I sell my house to an investor?

Benefits of Selling a House AS IS for Cash:

Benefit #1 – No commissions or listing agent fees  – no sticky fingers here! All proceeds go directly into your bank account

Benefit #2 – Quicker Sale – We close quickly, usually within 7 days

Benefit #3 – Get All Of Your Cash Up Front  – no waiting for the buyer to get a loan which could take 30 or more days

Benefit #4 – No Repairs or Cleaning Needed  – you don’t have to make any repairs and the house can be in any condition before closing — we will do all of the work including title insurance

How does this process work? Simple! Just complete an information form on this website. We will then send you a written offer that details our terms and how much cash you will receive upon closing. If you accept, we’ll schedule a time to come look at your home with one of our investors. Finally, we’ll conduct the closing at your home or in a private location that you choose.

What happens when we close? You hand over the keys, & ownership of your property is transferred to the buyer through an owner’s title insurance policy. The sale is final – you no longer have any responsibility for the property. This means you’ll save money on homeowner association fees and taxes too! Plus, there are no strings attached – do what you want with your cash!

Why should I sell my home this way instead of listing it on the MLS? In short- because you will get significantly more money.  In 2014, 72% of homes sold were bought by real estate investors who got them from other smart sellers like yourself via direct mail campaigns, property flippers, & other means.

The benefits of selling AS IS to an investor for cash include:

1) Save Time – get out from under that property fast.  No waiting for showings or offers. No fix-ups.  Sellers who list their home on the MLS average 200+ showings & need 10+ offers before they accept one! Sellers often spend $5,000 or more in staging and repairs only to get lowballed by buyers once it’s time to sell so they can’t even come close to getting what you’ll earn by selling directly to us.

2) Save Money – avoid costly commissions (which are paid whether your house sells or not You’ll save thousands vs listing on the MLS.  In fact, you can pocket this money from your closing check instead of paying a Realtor’s commission if you work with us.

3) Get Cash – receive quick and convenient cash (often within 30 days). We buy houses AS IS and we don’t make any repairs before we list them for sale. No waiting for funds or inspectors or appraisals to clear — we close FAST! We pay all the closing costs and fees associated with selling your house such as title insurance, deed preparation, court costs, etc. We’re here to guide you through the process step-by-step to help ensure that everything goes smoothly for you.

4) Avoid Repairs – avoid costly repairs that will eat away at any equity you may have in your property. With homeownership comes the inevitable and necessary task of fixing things that break. But we all know we can’t budget for them, nor can we afford to fix them all before we sell our house. Some repairs require a lot of time and money — like roofing or electrical issues.

5) No Risk – as far as selling houses go “as is” there’s no risk to you. We provide an exclusive one-time offer on your home for cash, which means if you don’t like it? You’re under no obligation! It’s like putting your home up for auction to make offers and see what buyers would pay for it today but with less hassle and worry about negotiating with possible buyers.

6) Sell your house fast – so you want to sell your house now? The problem is there are many real estate investors out there who are interested in buying homes “as-is” for CASH but never have the time to show sellers their offers. We’re looking to buy homes NOW, not months from now! By selling your house directly to us you’ll be able to avoid the many potential pitfalls that come with waiting for a traditional sale! This way you can start improving your credit and stop worrying about rent payments immediately!

Selling Your Home AS IS By Owner

In summary, the fastest way to get a cash offer is fill out the short form below. One of our team members will reach out to you, we’ll talk about any repairs that are needed on your property, and the timeline you would like to receive your cash.

You can also reach out to us directly by calling (858)302-8913

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